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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What a page turner!

Donna, Here's your first review on Amazon!

I have read the proof copy of this book! This is a Mystery/Fiction page turner. Make sure when you begin, you will have the next two hours free, for you will not put this book down. I would not say that I am an avid reader but there is a twist of events in this story that tends to hold ones attention. From the very first paragraph, you find Maggie Taylor in a desperate situation and the book flows smoothly from there to make you quickly turn the next page. Donna Lee Comer, as a first time author, has written a novel that would rival any of the big name authors. There is suspense, drama, emotion and Donna portrays the fictional Maggie Taylor with an uncanny inner strength not typical of an ordinary housewife. The author brings out a charming character who is relentless with her undying faith in God and her love for her husband and family, to persevere under extraordinary circumstances. The reader is never left hanging and when you think you have figured out the ending, you haven't. "A Day For A Day" is an excellent read!
From your loving husband!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Donna Lee Comer

A Day For A Day

By Donna Lee Comer

Maggie Taylor, a beautiful wife and mother, took her daughter Sarah to a local park. She had only walked away for a few minutes, but when she returned her daughter was gone.
Days later, after appearing on local TV begging for the release of her only child, Maggie discovered a crucial clue about the abductor. Shortly after, a man came to Maggie's home, drugged her, and took her captive, locking her in an abandoned shed.
Meanwhile, Officer Garret, who felt he was hot on the trail of the murderer responsible for little Candy Burns not a week before was now faced with the thought of not only having a serial child molester but could this man have kidnapped the much older Maggie Taylor? This was not the typical serial murderer he studied about. Once evidence is discovered linking the kidnapping of three teenage girls to this case the officer is left no choice but to consider he is dealing with one of the most dangerous men to have ever terrorized a small rural town such as his.
Maggie, locked away, is faced with the same twisted questions, feeling helpless and losing herself to the darkness alone in her rickety cell. Once, Walter, the man who took her reveals himself, Maggie realizes this is not the man who took her daughter.
Through a web of twisted truths in a chilling tale, find the answers to all the questions. Will Maggie be able to stay alive and find her daughter? Can Officer Garret decipher the clues to lead him to the right man responsible? Is Sarah still alive? Can good triumph over such a horrid evil on so many different leads?